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Sunday, October 9, 2011

How To Get Your Product on TV News For Free

How To Get Your Products On Television For Free
- By TamTheTasteMkr for
Wouldn't it be nice if more folks knew about your extraordinarily refreshing ice creams, passion fruit ice teas
~ or~ your 25 year old espresso, honey and fig balsamics ~or~ your deliciously nutty blends of orange-cinnamon amaretto croissants? Let's face it, you spent all that money on that tangerine-orange corrugated packaging. But you're terrified they'll just be sitting on the market's shelves; sales limited unfortunately, to the zip code of the few outlets you've negotiated. And because in business you don't always get what you deserve, rather you get what you negotiate ~ there's a good chance the store's getting a bit more than you'd actually prefer, off of your macadamia nut-chocolate-toffee-caramel cashews. There are pros and cons of settling for serving the same customers at the local market ten chunks of your cheese and prosciutto every Saturday... I mean, its not meant to be lunch. And you've got a lot of competition as well as limitations, there.

Million of consumers with considerable purchasing power are sitting at home watching, hearing and learning about the delicious complexities of "Someone Else's" French Style Honey Mustards from the giddy news anchors around the country, while yours will more than likely sit on your stock aisle shelves, collecting dust, except of course for the ones you're able to sell to the customers who know you exist, so far. Why is that okay? It's safe to say, every business shares similar obstacles; start up challenges, growing pains, economy challenges, bored local customer bases. And you all share the important / urgent need for: EXPOSURE.

Through the years, the burning question our PR Department at Tastes & Tours hears again and again is, "How can we better introduce ourselves, our brands and our products to our public ~ carefully, strategically and effectively?
How can we position ourselves and our messages favorably within our community, throughout the country and across the world, for that matter? Who do we turn to to help our "mom and pop shop" or even our Fortune 500 company, to identify opportunities for insertion of our product to media outlets? Not that we're ready to take our growth to the next level, how do we get our products on TV without paying for advertising?"

Well congratulations on your growth.
And as food brokers and PR, Advertising and Media advisors to countless specialty food and product retailers we understand that one of the obstacles many business face is budgeting their advertising dollars. But really, if your number one task is to spread the word about your to-die-for pomme frites; your buttery biscuits, or your beautiful gilded and checkered butterfly aprons with ceramic carafes to match...; or your melt-in-your-mouth praline candies...
How can you afford not to find a way to pay for television advertising? Well, what if we told you, there's actually a way to generate that covered buzz within the media, without actually paying for it? Shhhhh. Do you want to know how?

While many necessary millions, dare we say trillions of dollars are spent on traditional and beneficial advertising on networks and with magazines and radio account execs, annually ~ there exists countless opportunities for YOU to capitalize on portions of many of the same audiences by placing yourself in the forefront without paying a penny? We've helped dozens of clients not only to reshape and polish their images ~ but we helped dozens more to create opportunities for generating extensive exposure and sustained interest in their products by using a combination of easy media relations solutions, promotional activities and even community relations and grass roots practices. If you'd like to know how to get your products on television for free, contact us today. There's a way to get your peach pies and pumpkin shaped and hued casserole cookware on the proverbial front burner.

What are you waiting for?
Wouldn't you like to take advantage of a public relations secret, a trend that you deserve to know about? All that money you spent on that glossy, smooth packaging ~ tied with foil hang tags and sequin strands just in time for the holiday... Hopefully your social media campaigns are well under way. But don't you think television is also a perfect way to catch customers' attention in yours and other markets? This holiday, wouldn't you like your honey mustard to be dripping off of everyone's fingertips, while you sit back and watch your sales grow? We'll show you how. Speak to a PR Professional today. It could mean everything for your business. (810) 310-6664. Email us at: or or mail to: 29488 Woodward Ave. Suite 188; Royal Oak, Michigan 48067

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